AA in Humanities from Pasadena City College
BA in English with Emphasis in Creative Writing from USC
200 Hr Love Yoga (mentor: Leah Schlackman)
20 Hr Katonah with Abbie Galvin and Alex Sharry

Studied with: Jenny Brill, Allison Linamen, Kyle Miller, Sian Gordan, Kumi Sawyers

Ongoing mentorship with Kumi Sawyers

During a decade-long career as a professional dancer based in Milan, Italy, Alyra taught and performed all over the world. After suffering a severe knee injury, she retired from dance and began a yoga practice to stay limber and strong while awaiting surgery. She soon discovered,
however, that the benefits of a consistent yoga practice reach far beyond the physical. ‘Yogash chitta vritti nirodah’- yoga Sutra 1:2, Alyra believes that yoga truly is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind and can serve as a foundation for success in all of life’s endeavors.

Besides yoga and dance, Alyra loves motherhood, partnership, food, sleep, books, binge watching…and sleep.