B.S. MicroBiology Cal Poly

200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Rocky Heron

200 hour AcroYoga Level 1 Teacher Training with Jason Nemer

300 hour Yoga Maze’ Teacher Training with Noah Maze’ in progress

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification

Tribal Marker Tribe Scribe with Amir Magal

Main Teachers

Noah Maze, Rocky Heron, Seane Corn, Sianna Sherman, Jarome Mercier, Dylan Wener and every student who has shared their time and commitment in practice with me.

Nature and my daily practice of BEING.

Current Obsession:

Teaching AcroYoga at conscious movement festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Oregon Eclipse, Wanderlust, and Envision.

Transformational retreats in gorgeous locations.

EPIC vegan potlucks to expand the taste palate and introduce gourmet vegan food to friends!  

Expanding my patience with mantra meditation and mala making.

Astrology. Sound Baths. Floating.