BA World Literature UCLA
MBA Social Entrepreneurship USC
PHD Transformation Training MITT
200 hr Radiant Body Training in Rishikesh India, with Kia Miller at Sattva Yoga Center

Azzurro has studied with Kia MillerNoah WilliamsAnand Mehrorta, and Tej.

Yoga is a practice of connecting with the subtle energies inside of you that have created you, sustain you, and you will ultimately return to. It is the practice of getting your consciousness in union with the ultimate truth about who you are, where you come from, and why you are here. I call my classes journeys. They incorporate kundalini breath work, an ashtanga based vigorous vinyasa flow, and deep meditation. You will sweat, you will feel, and you will leave electrified. The intention is always to create more and more peace in your body. As you create peace in your body you create peace on earth.