30 Hour Alignment Training WITH KAT VILLAIN

Providing proper assisting is paramount in the yoga practice, teacher or student alike. The
student gets the opportunity to have a feeling of what the pose should feel like without being
stuck in personal habitual movement. The teacher provides safe techniques to move the student
further into what it means to embody the universal archetype. For both parties it is truly
liberating. This 30 hour intensive will focus on the main poses of yoga (there are only a handful)
and will provide the framework to use safe assisting techniques in any version of the posture. All
practitioners of the practice will benefit immensely for understanding the archetype human body
provides knowledge into the vast cosmos. This alignment training uses the principles of Katonah
Yoga developed by Nevine Michaan.


This intensive will break down the poses into six main categories, as follows:
i. the foundational organization of form, postures that work the leg bones in a neutral position
within the hip socket (planks, lunges, standing, folding)
ii. postures that rotate the leg bone in the hip socket while working to stabilize the pelvis
(warriors, moons, wide legged folds)
iii. backbends supported on props as well as backbends using our partners as support (camel,
wheel, bow)
iv. movement into the depths of our being and exploring our physical safety on the planet by
utilizing lower body poses (shoelaces, pigeons and seated twists)
v. supported bridges, bound angles, and moving into a well folded lotus
vi. assisting and using props for inversions (forearm stand, headstand, handstand, crow and
supported shoulder stand). This partner work provides a very safe and effective space to
begin an inverse relationship with your body.
After this thorough internal mapping of the body you will leave with the tools to revolutionize
your personal practice and also to transform other people’s yoga practices. When you
understand how other people move in their bodies you will understand how you move as well.
There is great power in the ability to see where people get stuck while giving them the tools to
move around their obstacles. This is the true magic of working in a community practice.
You need not be a teacher to come, anyone that is interested in yoga, the design of the human
body, the patterns of the universe, will surely leave inspired after aligning your personal body
with the alignment of the universal body.





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