Jana Roemer

B.Comm ~ University of Saskatchewan, Canada

200 hour ~ Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Trainings and Beyond
500 hour ~ Anusara Yoga
80 hour ~ Energetic Body Advanced YTT ~ Bali
80 hour ~ Sequencing YTT
10 day Silent Vipassana ~ over 100 hours of meditation in 10 days
110 hour Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism Meditation course ~ Tushita, McLeod Ganj, Northern India
Initiated in Transcendental Meditation
80 hour Yoga Nidra ~ Tanis Fishman
Kundalini Prenatal YTT ~ Golden Bridge
Thai Massage ~ Koh Phangan, Thailand
210 hours study with Dr. Joe Dispenza in his Live Progressive Workshop, 2 x Advanced Retreats and an Advanced Follow-up Dreamtime training
40+ hours at the first International Yoga Nidra Conference

Facilitator of over 3000 hours of 200 + 300 hour yoga teacher trainings, 6 yoga nidra trainings, sacred circles and transformational retreats.

Main Teachers: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Venerable Robina Courtin, Tanis Fishman, Ally Bogard, Planet Earth & the Solar System. Every student who has sat in front of me on their mat or cushion.

My daily yoga nidra practice + this wild ride of a human experience. 

Current Obsessions: Freddie Wilde, the almost five year old hilarious star child who came through my womb ~ organic, high vibration home crafted eats ~ astrology ~ my husband / family 

All of my classes include Yoga Nidra and a short Astrological update to keep you in rhythm with yourself + the cosmos. You can expect to flow, breathe, sweat + rest oh so deeply.