:: Katonah Yoga Pranayama at LOVE ::
Friday, October 23, 2015

Pranayama is the art of using breathing techniques to participate in personal well-being.  Prana,  akin to the Taoist term Chi, references the universal energy which informs all life through inspiration and expiration.  One's breathing is profoundly influential in one's physiology and psychology.  Knowing how to catch one's breath, hold one's breath, empty oneself and fill oneself allows the individual to modulate and regulate responses to external and internal stimuli.  Pranayama is a gateway to meditation, a state of being predicated on a regulated dialogue between one's body and one's breath: the state of mediated well-being.   

The benefits of a sophisticated breathing practice are enormous.  This workshop is perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, students in search of theory and methodology, and for those looking for a personal longevity practice addressing the vision and virtue of personal health and well being.


:: Expanding Your Practice With Katonah Yoga ::
Saturday, October 24, 2015

In this workshop Abbie will lead you through a general Katonah Yoga class where you will be introduced to asana as metaphor and the embodiment of theory where strength is not a muscular grip, but an intellectual construction of one's structure. A pose is never held, but rather articulated and redefined so personal techniques and unconscious habits give way to new ways of consciously traveling one's terrain. This is what improves the function of form, one's housing for organs, glands, bones. We will break the postures down in order to more deeply understand the three floors of the body; the penthouse - one's clairvoyance, the living quarters - one's heart and lungs, and the boiler room - one's primitive nature. We will close with a pranayama practice positioning ourselves in the realm of our imagination, spirit and higher vision in order to finish our practice in ascension. There will be hands-on adjustments, structural discussions of poses and how to set them up and a communal discussion based workshop portion providing you with the opportunity to learn more of the Katonah practice and to come away having honed several new skills and ideas for working more efficiently as teachers and students.