BA Creative Writing, University of Wisconsin
200 HR, Jolie Manza Shades of Yoga
Love Yoga Mentorship, Kyle Miller
Studied Katonah Yoga with Dages Juvelier Keates

I believe our history manifests in our bodies and minds taking form as patterns and habits that can make everyday life feel complex and challenging. I see yoga as a tool box that guides and supports our journey to the other side of discomfort. In class we connect with our breath, our bodies, the center of ourselves and the present moment. My intention is to give students this experience so they can leave their mats with tools to take out into the world and put to use in daily life. When challenges arise and we are knocked off course, as we all ultimately are, we can use the techniques learned in class to help us navigate, focus, and find our way back to center. This is where we meet ourselves and growth happens. When we bring awareness to our discomfort and experience it fully, moving past it becomes possible, and on the other side we experience grace, ease and ultimately joy.