200 hour Salt Spring Island Center YTT, Canada
3000 hour Therapeutic Massage Training in Vancouver, Canada
50 Hour Kundalini Tantra Training ~ Yogarupa Rod Stryker
50 Hour Craniosacral Therapist ~ Upledger Institute
50 Hour Visceral Manipulation ~ Barral Institute
10 Day Silent Vipassana Meditation
Therapeutics for days

Since the age of five, Yoga has been the spiderweb of my life, linking me with extraordinary souls, each one a teacher. A bridge of comprehension, it supports moving thorough limitations that are self imposed and will be transcended. Married to intention, yoga is a connective tissue for meeting the highest expression of yourself. However I am able to, it is my blessing to support that process.

I am am all about the written word, the human body, daily meditation and Hemp Oil.