M.S. Environmental Science, specialty in neuroscience 
Yoga Alliance EYRT 500 hrs 
Yoga Therapy 200 hrs 
Yoga Nidra 50 hrs 
Sri Vidya and Para Yoga Initiation by Rod Stryker
Ayurveda Immersions with Dr. Ashwin and Dr. Svaboda
Ancient Lomi Lomi 200 hrs
Bodyflow Bodywork 100 hrs 
Core and Cellular Healing 200 hrs 
Vipassana Meditation retreats
Wellness Coach Fleetwood Mac  

My Beloved Teachers: Rod Stryker, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty, Mark Whitwell,
Dr. Scott Blossom.

Wellness lives in my bones and comes from my soul, quite literally. I was born into a yogic community in California. Three decades later, yoga remains the foundation of my life. It’s my joy to share this ancient wisdom with you.  
My approach is compassionate, true to the lineage, dynamic, and accessible.  I strive to create a nurturing environment for personal transformation.