JAN 12th-April 25th, 2020


For 200 hour certification graduates looking for hands on, one on one training that is individualized and practical.  Mentees will gain invaluable time in the classroom assisting their mentors, observing how group classes work, and managing the classroom setting.  Through personal attention, study and practice, the mentee will step into the role of the teacher with confidence and teach 3 donation-based community classes on the Love schedule.


Sian Gordon, Kyle Miller, Hannah Dawe, Danielle Karuna,
Emma Goldman and Leah Schlackman


1. How to teach pranayama, both as it’s own practice and woven into an asana practice

2. How to safely and confidently give hands-on adjustments

3. Developing your voice as a teacher

4. Creating your goals as a teacher and finding your niche.

5. How to sequence and develop a class, through many lenses


Daily mindfulness practice - daily journal entry  5-10 min

Complete all homework assignments

Take mentors class at least once a week

Take 3 workshops of your choice during mentorship:

Workshops hosted my Love Yoga staff are free, workshops by guest teachers are full price

Follow Adjustment Program outlined below

Attend all 4 group meetups

Group Meet Ups

Sunday Jan 12, 1-2pm
Group commencement

Saturday Feb 1, 1:45-3:45  
Attend 1st adjustment workshop with Sian

Saturday Feb 29, 1:45-3:45pm
Attend 2nd adjustment workshop with Kyle:

Saturday March 14, 1:45-3:45pm
Attend Mentor practice teaching session with all Mentors

Saturday April 25, 1 1:45-3:45
Attend final Mentorship gathering with all Mentors

Adjustments Program

Week 1-3 Adjust your mentor while they practice, to be scheduled with mentor each week

Week 4-8 Adjust your mentor’s class 1x a week

Week 8-15 Teach community class 1x a week  


( $500 deposit due at sign up, $1750 balance due by Jan 14th )