Love Yoga is about participation and well being.  We offer our students everything they need to have a meaningful, evolving practice set within a fun and inspiring community including workshops, mentorship, teacher training and retreats.  We have 2 studios, Venice and Echo Park, serving the West and East sides of Los Angeles.

Our teaching is steeped in the Taoist theory and Sacred Geometry of Katonah Yoga learned from our teachers Nevine Michaan and Abbie Galvin.  By combining their esoteric dialogue with our Iyengar and Vinyasa backgrounds, we have created Love Yoga.  A practice that provides tools for moving through life.

A Love Yoga class will spark your imagination with metaphor and visualization.  Expect perspective shifting dialogue set with dynamic and spherical sequencing. Our practice will inspire you to become your best self and take ownership of your mental, physical and emotional health.  We use pranayama (breath work) to build heat and change one's inner atmosphere and asana to create strength and structural integrity.  

Expect to walk out of class feeling transformed, radiant and joyous!!

Love Yoga is lovingly founded, owned and operated by Sian Gordon, Kyle Miller and Jeff Schwarz.